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Why? Because I can.

First, let me apologize. Apparently anyone with a computer can have a blog. And I’m anyone.

I’ll probably talk a lot about my dog because he’s the most stubborn, infuriating thing on four legs. Every morning we have the same argument. For seven and a half years. He wants to go up the street, I want to go down. It’s wider, more space to avoid coyotes and now, the occasional bear, but will he listen? Nope. And yet, I couldn’t possibly love him more. He came with the moniker, Jojo, which I try not to hold against him, but I call him Mr. Pants, first name Crazy. It suits him more.

I’ll also probably talk a lot about writing. It’s what I do for a living. Mostly kids’ cartoons these days. Which means I spend a lot of time at home. With only Mr. Pants to talk to. So yeah.

In the early days, when there was this thing called syndicated television, I worked on some live action shows. It was great. Going on location, or on set somewhere, or even just to an office, talking to real live people. I haven’t given up dreaming about being on another live action show.

In the meantime, because I’m not isolated enough, staring at a computer screen all day, I decided to write a novel. If you’re a screenwriter, there usually comes a time when you want to write what you want to write, say what you want to say, without an executive or showrunner telling you to change it. When you’re on a show, it’s your job to fulfill the vision of someone else. As much as you’re creating the scenario, the dialog, the action, you will always go through a grieving ‘notes’ period, wherein you learn to let go because you realize it’s not your baby; it’s someone else’s.

Well, I want to write my baby. And not a spec script baby (of which I have many) because a script is always collaborative and will always go through notes. Get interest; get notes. Get an option; get notes. Can they be teenagers instead of twenty-somethings? Can they be magic sneakers instead of a mid-life crisis? Can it be set in Canada, incorporating Canadian laws, but don’t actually say it’s Canada? Yes! Of course! I can do all those things. Oh, you mean, for free. Now. Before you actually give me any contract or money. Oh, yeah, sure. Love to.

So, that’s why the book right now. And it’s not notes-free, per se. There are beta readers, and editors, but still, ultimately, the decisions are mine.

And since I’m on this novel kick right now, my oft-writing-partner (James Hereth—look him up) and I are also doing a graphic novel. That one will take a bit longer to get out there because, now that it’s written, it requires artists, and apparently about nine months to get done. Talk about a baby.

So yeah, if you’re curious about Mr. Crazy Pants, or writing cartoons, books, or graphic novels, (or the occasional vegetarian dish) check in once in a while. I’ll try to be here.

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